About us

GLOBAL CHINESE LANGUAGE CULTURE AND EDUCATION EXCHANGE FOUNDATION (CLCE), founded in Vancouver, Canada, is a non-governmental, non-profit organization committed to the development of cultural and educational exchanges of Chinese.

Based on its own platform, CLCE aims to pull Chinese media, Chinese schools and Chinese cultural associations together to promote relevant activities so that all ethnic Chinese and other ethnic groups who are interested in Chinese language can be provided with a pure and immersed Chinese learning environment.

CLCE is devoted to drive the spread of Chinese media and expand the influence of Chinese education to afford all Chinese speakers, lovers, and teachers in Canada a professional communication platform. CLCE is public-spirited and concentrates on the Chinese language education for disabled children in Canada and uneducated children in poor district of China.

CLCE focuses on hosting a series of meaningful language and culture exchange programs.

We fully integrates internet with public charity. Through optimizing its own platform (website, WeChat platform, etc.) and a joint effort of Chinese media, schools and cultural associations, CLCE is dedicated to forge new paths in the spread and development of Chinese language and culture overseas.